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Strong performance from NVIDIA A100 for high-performance computing, AI and data analytics.


Hosted in Europe to help achieve sovereignty and compliance standards

NVIDIA A100 Cloud GPUs by Taiga Cloud are coupled with non-blocking network performance, without overbooking CPU and RAM resources.

Powered by 100% carbon-free energy, our GPU IaaS offerings meet the highest ESG procurement standards.

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Top 3 Use Cases

NVIDIA A100 Cloud GPUs.

AI models are becoming increasingly complex. Training these models requires massive computational power, as well as flexible capabilities to scale. NVIDIA A100 Tensor Cores with Tensor Float (TF32) provide up to 20x the performance compared to NVIDIA Volta without code changes, and an additional 2x increased efficiency with automatically mixed precision and FP16.

For state-of-the-art conversational AI models like BERT, the A100 accelerates inference with up to a 249x improvement in throughput compared to CPUs. Multi-instance GPU (MIG) technology enables the simultaneous operation of multiple networks on a single A100 for optimal use of compute resources. The support for structural sparsity provides up to 2x increased efficiency – in addition to the other A100 GPU's performance gains in inferences.

In a benchmark for Big Data analytics, the A100 80GB delivered an 83x increased throughput compared to CPUs and a 2x increase over the A100 40GB. This makes the A100 80GB the ideal choice for new workloads with exploding data volumes.

GenAI IaaS-Services by Taiga Cloud – adding value to your business.


Accelerates your business

From your own GenAI project to rendering in architecture or media, our powerful cloud IaaS stack frees your IT from having to set up and maintain a complex infrastructure for GenAI, while protecting your budget from high acquisition expenses and hidden operational costs.

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Accelerates your research

Whether batch production, building AI training models or your next GenAI innovation, our IaaS stack boosts performance and lowers costs.

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Scales platform providers

Scale your service offering to meet demand: having the latest NVIDIA GPUs in two European data center locations (Sweden and Norway) gives you a competitive advantage and the chance to offer your GenAI based services to the European market.

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