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Generative AI Cloud Service Provider for enterprises.

Ready for the GenAI future.

Cloud has revolutionized entire industries and created new ones. Generative AI is its next big target. GPU-based Cloud infrastructure is vital for the complex and computationally intensive applications in the field of GenAI productions.

Taiga Cloud provides enterprises with this as a leading European Generative AI cloud service provider with equipped virtualization, modern flash storage, and a fast NVIDIA network from the Cloud.

We operated in Europe, powered by 100% carbon-free energy, so data sovereignty and ESG standards are always guaranteed, with no hidden follow-up costs and at a price that suits any project and company size.

Book today - no waiting time

Our GPU-based Infrastructure as a Service in numbers.


2 data center locations

in Norway and Sweden


27001 ISO certified

for additional security


0 waiting time

in the largest GPU cluster in Europe


100% GDPR & DSGVO compliant

through European data centers

How your business benefits from investing in GenAI innovations with our IaaS solution.

Benefits for decision makers

  • Latest generation NVIDIA GPUs: The most powerful GPU generation of the A100 and RTX™ A6000 from NVIDIA becomes your competitive advantage.
  • OpEx instead of CapEx: Our infrastructure as a service saves you high investment and maintenance costs and protects you from escalating electricity costs. You only pay for what you need and when you need it.
  • Full data sovereignty: Our GenAI & HPC IaaS solution complies with GDPR & DSGVO guidelines. Your IT specialists are the only ones who have complete control over the infrastructure and your individually implemented PaaS and SaaS layers.
  • Achieve ESG goals: Our GPU-based GenAI cloud service provider is powered by sustainable energy and features efficient power usage. Therefore, with Taiga Cloud you can minimise the carbon footprint of your IT.

Advantages for engineers

  • CPU and RAM resources without overbooking: as one of the few GenAI cloud service providers, at Taiga Cloud, we provide you exactly the CPU and RAM resources you have booked. Guaranteed full performance without "noisy neighbor" situations.
  • Cloud-init support: for easy and fast server setup. With Defining Fabric technology, you can create your own virtual networks.
  • NVIDIA optimized: The latest generation A100 and RTX™ A6000 GPUs, including the NVIDIA network, guarantee optimized interaction with NVIDIA frameworks such as containers for Deep Learning. And you get full freedom to build on top of our lean IaaS layer.
  • Efficient scheduling: Virtual machines are available within minutes.
  • DE-CIX connectivity: Benefit from lowest possible latency.