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World-class sustainability. European operations.

Our GPU Cloud locations are committed to:


CO2 neutrality

By powering our data centers by 100% carbon-free energy, and offsetting through Renewable Energy Certificates, Northern Data Group operates its data centers in a carbon-neutral manner (2021).


European data sovereignty

We are a European GPU Cloud service provider and can help our customers meet strict compliance requirements.


Up to 100 Gbit

We offer redundant and up to 100 Gbit internet connection.



Our data center in northern Sweden guarantees scalability, efficiency and cost benefits for our customers, pioneering data center sustainability standards.

The location in detail:

  • The PUE value of 1.06 (2022) guarantees our customers real cost benefits through energy efficiency.
  • With a CO2 footprint of 0 g/KWh in Scope 1 and 2 (2021), the data center achieves ambitious environmental goals.
  • The site is ISO27001 certified for added security and reliability.


In Norway, we are hosted by Lefdal Mine Datacenter, a previously abandoned mineral mine that has since been repurposed. The data center meets the highest standards in sustainability and energy efficiency.

The location in detail:

  • The site guarantees a PUE value of 1.15 (2022).
  • The energy sources are 100% renewable, and the CO2 footprint is reduced to a minimum.
Taiga Cloud_Site_Bulk


In Norway, we are hosted by Bulk Data Centers at their N01 Campus, in Southern Norway. The site offers high-density, resilient, low-cost solutions, powered by 100% renewable energy - enabling organizations to operate sustainably while minimizing costs. Bulk Data Centers is an NVIDIA preferred partner.

The location in detail:

  • The site has 8.5 MW dedicated total high-density power for IT.
  • The site guarantees an annual average PUE value of 1.2.
  • The site is adjacent to Europe's largest renewable substation, offering abundant renewable sources for affordable and reliable power supply.
  • The site is highly connected via sub-sea and terrestrial networks - offering carrier-neutral, large-capacity fiber connectivity to the US and Europe.