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Register today for NVIDIA H100 GPUs - Available Now

Taiga Cloud is the first European Generative AI Cloud Service Provider to provide instant access to a clean, secure and compliant Nvidia H100 GPU network. 


Fast, secure, and revolutionary

Multiple GPUs are essential for large data sets, complex simulations and GenAI and HPC workflows:  the ninth-generation data center NVIDIA H100 Cloud GPUs are designed to deliver an order-of-magnitude performance leap for large-scale GenAI and HPC workloads over the prior-generation NVIDIA A100 GPUs.

Benefit from:​

  • Faster matrix computations than ever before on an even broader array of GenAI and HPC workloads
  • Secure Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) partitions the GPU into isolated, right-size instances to maximize quality of service (QoS) for smaller tasks
  • Up to 9X faster AI training and up to 30X faster AI inference compared to the prior GPU generation.

For more information about the NVIDIA H100 Cloud GPUs:

Download NVIDIA H100 Factsheet

Up to 9X Higher AI Training on Largest Models

Mixture of Experts (395 Billion Parameters)

Projected performance subject to change. Training Mixture of Experts (MoE) Transformer Switch-XXL variant with 395B parameters on 1T token dataset | A100 cluster: HDR IB network | H100 cluster: NVLink Switch System, NDR IB

Up to 30X Higher AI Inference Performance on Largest Models

Megatron Chatbot Inference (530 Billion Parameters)

Projected performance subject to change. Inference on Megatron 530B parameter model chatbot for input sequence length=128, output sequence length=20 | A100 cluster: HDR IB network | H100 cluster: NVLink Switch System, NDR IB

Element 3_600x-80

Up to 7X Higher Performance for HPC Applications

Projected performance subject to change. 3D FFT (4K^3) throughput | A100 cluster: HDR IB network | H100 cluster: NVLink Switch System, NDR IB | Genome Sequencing (Smith-Waterman) | 1 A100 | 1 H100


H100 Price per GPU 1 Month Rolling 3 Months Reserved 6 Months Reserved 12 Months Reserved 24 Months Reserved 36 Months Reserved
Greater than 2048 GPUs €3.32/hour €3.23/hour €3.15/hour €3.06/hour €2.98/hour €2.89/hour
Greater than 1024 to 2048 GPUs €3.51/hour €3.42/hour €3.33/hour €3.24/hour €3.15/hour €3.06/hour
512 to 1024 GPUs €3.71/hour €3.61/hour €3.52/hour €3.42/hour €3.33/hour €3.23/hour
Less than 512 GPUs €3.90/hour €3.80/hour €3.70/hour €3.60/hour €3.50/hour €3.40/hour


NVIDIA H100 GPU Benefits.

Operated by Taiga Cloud in Europe.

Hosted in Europe

Achieve sovereignty and compliance standards

Icons_TC_Gradient_DEF_30 - Internet of things

Non-blocking Network

With DE-CIX access and low latency (sub 10Ms)

Icons_TC_Gradient_DEF_4 - Speed

PUE Performance Between 1.15 and 1.06

Customers only pay for the energy they consume

Icons_TC_Gradient_DEF_53 - Evangelist

InfiniBand Pods of 512 GPUs

These pods are connected into islands of four pods each (2,048 GPUs) using NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and the NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand platform. This configuration offers efficient and quick means of training LLMs, and offering businesses Generative AI solutions in a much shorter timeframe.


Without Overbooking

NVIDIA GPUs as well as CPU and RAM resources

H100 Cloud GPUs - Top Use Cases and Industries


Higher Education and Research

From your own GenAI, ML, or Big Data project, to rendering in architecture or media, our powerful cloud IaaS stack frees your IT from having to set up and maintain a complex infrastructure for GenAI or other HPC tasks, while protecting your budget from high acquisition expenses and hidden operational costs.


AI-Aided Design for the Manufacturing and Automotive Industries

The H100 Cloud GPUs deliver up to 7x higher performance rates and securely accelerate all workloads, from enterprise to exascale. This leads to various GenAI breakthroughs within different areas such as Engineering and Production. There are also exciting use cases in the fields of object detection or image segmentation, design and visualization, which benefit from real-time data interactivity.


Health Care and Life Science

The H100 Cloud GPUs revolutionize advanced medical and scientific research and discoveries, such as weather forecasts or scientific simulations, allowing for more rapid developments within the fields of drug discovery, genomics and computational biology, through the GPUs' increased stability for GenAI or other HPC workloads.