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Powerful IaaS partner for platform providers.

Hosted in Europe – for maximum performance.

We have made it our mission to become your best Generative AI cloud service provider, with cutting-edge hardware and networking resources from NVIDIA in the largest GPU cluster in Europe, as well as pricing that allows your business to increase margins.

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Performance, sustainability, data sovereignty

Europe's largest GPU cluster for your platform offering.


Competitive advantage

with latest A100 and RTX™ A6000 NVIDIA GPUs


On-prem performance

CPU and RAM resources without overbooking

Icons_TC_Gradient_DEF_4 - Speed

Expand your scalability and connectivity

to Europe's largest GPU cluster via REST API


Seamless operation

of GenAI & ML workloads, thanks to DE-CIX connectivity and non-blocking network performance


GDPR & DSGVO compliance

thanks to two data center locations in Europe


Meet your customers' ESG procurement standards

our IaaS runs on 100% carbon-free energy

How your business benefits from investing in GenAI innovations with our IaaS solution.


  • Cutting-edge NVIDIA A100 and RTX™ A6000 GPUs
  • Interconnected within a tenant for scalability and flexibility
  • CPU and RAM resources without overbooking for reliability, transparency, and security
  • 2x25GBit connection between machines by default for low latency non-blocking network connectivity


  • IPv6-first for scalable and future-proof developments
  • Layer 2 connectivity as a standard feature
  • IPv4 floating IP addresses for secure and continuous operations and minimal downtime
  • Support for preconfigured firewalls for faster integration
  • DE-CIX connectivity for lowest possible latency for real-time AI applications


  • Operating systems Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS, Debian 11 for greater development flexibility
  • REST API for trouble-free use of the cloud and higher efficiency
  • Support for cloud-init for an easy and fast server setup


  • Virtual machines are available within minutes for efficiency and fast scheduling
  • No complex network setup necessary for a virtual switch between virtual machines
  • Separate multiple locations in one tenant for simple administration
  • Multiple SSH key setup for higher protection against cyber-attacks and unauthorized access to resources


  • EVPN: due to our defining fabric technology, our customers can create their own virtual networks and have private interconnection between CMs without any special configuration.
  • Zero-Trust Hosts: compartmentalization of each system keeps all others secure.