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The next generation Cloud at your fingertips.

Your GPU Infrastructure as a Service.

The necessary GPU infrastructure for your Generative AI intensive scope: the fields of GenAI are diverse and nowadays play a decisive role in determining the success of a company.

Taiga Cloud frees you from the investment-intensive and time-consuming in-house operation of the necessary GPU-based infrastructure: We provide the latest NVIDIA GPUs as cost-efficient IaaS solutions.

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GenAI IaaS-Services by Taiga Cloud – adding value to your business.


Accelerates your business

From your own GenAI project, to rendering in architecture or media, our powerful Cloud IaaS stack frees your IT from having to set up and maintain a complex infrastructure for GenAI, while protecting your budget from high acquisition expenses and hidden operational costs.

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Accelerates your research

Whether batch production, building AI training models or your next GenAI innovation, our IaaS stack boosts performance and lowers costs.

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Scales platform providers

Scale your service offering to meet demand: having the latest NVIDIA GPUs in two European data center locations (Sweden and Norway) gives you a competitive advantage and the chance to offer your GenAI based services to the European market.

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NVIDIA GPUs in Cloud-based GenAI & HPC IaaS stack.


Non-blocking Network with DE-CIX access

Icons_TC_Gradient_DEF_1 - Datacenter stationar

NVIDIA GPUs as well as CPU and RAM resources without overbooking


Two European data center locations, powered by 100% carbon-free energy

Generative AI technology

Implemented with the industry leaders.